Available Certifications
  1. Enriched air diver
  2. Peak Performance Buoyancy
  3. Deep Diver
  4. Wreck Diver
  5. Night Diver
  6. Digital Underwater Photographer
  7. Drift Diver
  8. Surface tube & buoys
  9. Underwater Naturalist
  10. AWARE- Fish Identification
  11. Equipment Specialist
  12. Search and Recovery
  13. Underwater Navigator
  14. Boat Diver
The Specialties
1. Enriched Air Diver
  • 170€ or 123€ on top of your diving package
  • 2 dives with Nitrox,
  • Manual & Certification
You will learn
  • Techniques to analyse the mix and plan the dive with enriched air Nitrox.
  • Considerations on the equipment for enriched air diving, management of oxygen exposition, identification of the gas in your tank and set up of your diving computer.
You will like
  • Diving with Nitrox enriched Air improves your safety by reducing the absorbed quantity of nitrogen. You benefit a longer non-deco limit, which means more time under water, particularly in case of consecutive dives. This is why many divers choose it as first specialty.

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